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OTR Trucker Driving Safety Tips

As on Over the Road (OTR) Trucker; your livelihood, and even your very life; depends on your driving ability and skill. However, there may be times when you are tempted to leave caution at the door and engage in some risky driving; or times when your concentration may not be a hundred percent. This driving behavior puts you and other people at risk; so your Reliable Permit Solutions team would like to remind you to keep driving safely by offering the following tips: Keep your Lane Changes minimal; and change lanes with caution.Try to be extra-cautious when driving at night: be alert, aware, and move cautiously   and slowly.Try to avoid areas with high-volume traffic and avoid traveling during peak traffic times.Check weather reports and driving conditions often to be prepared for sudden changes in road situations.Use a GPS that has been customized for Truckers, but use other sources of information [...]

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