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Oversize Overweight Trip Permits Florida

Do you need to move something unusually heavy, wide, or long? What if it’s simply too big under Florida law? If you need oversize/overweight trip permits in Florida, call Reliable Permit Solutions! We specialize in commercial trucking permits of all kinds, including super load, temporary fuel, temporary trip, and overweight/oversize trip permits.

With the necessary permit, you can transport your load through Florida despite its excess size or weight, allowing you to get the job done promptly and efficiently. At Reliable Permit Solutions, we have the expertise needed to meet every regulatory requirement and get you a permit to transport your overweight/oversize load. We’ll get you on the road again!

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Florida Oversize Overweight Trucking Laws

How do you know if you need oversize/overweight trip permits in Florida? Here’s a simple guide. You need a permit:

If the width of your vehicle and load is more than 102″, or more than 96″ on a travel lane less than 12 feet wide.

If the height of your vehicle and load is more than 13’6″.

If the length of your vehicle exceeds these guidelines:

  • 40’ for a single-unit vehicle
  • 48’ for a truck tractor with semi-trailer with a kingpin distance more than 41′
  • 68’ for a straight truck with trailer

If your vehicle has a front end overhang of more than 3’.

If the gross weight of your vehicle and load combined exceeds the limits found in section 316.535 of the Florida Statutes.

This is a simplified guide to the overweight/oversize trucking laws in Florida. Contact us today for more detailed information.

Oversize Overweight Trip Permits

Reliable Permit Solutions

The agents at Reliable Permit Solutions have extensive knowledge of the permitting process and know how to get you your permits at the lowest possible cost. For oversize/overweight trip permits in Florida, call Reliable Permit Solutions at 888-949-4220!