3 tips for safe driving at night

You may have years of experience as a trucker, but don’t underestimate the hazards of night driving. Depending on your schedule, you may be carrying cargo along the road for hours in darkness. While navigating the typical hazards that come along with hauling materials, you must now add another set of safety skills to your routine. Before you start your next night route, here’s a reminder of three ways to drive safely through the night. Rest well before driving While driving at night, it can feel quite tempting to close your eyes. If you’re new to night driving, this temptation can be even greater. Plan your rest time with limited distractions and make sure that your body feels rested. A rested driver is a safe driver. Clean your windshield The dust, squashed insects, and all of the other particles on your windshield can quickly build up and create a [...]

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