3 tips for safe driving at night

You may have years of experience as a trucker, but don’t underestimate the hazards of night driving. Depending on your schedule, you may be carrying cargo along the road for hours in darkness. While navigating the typical hazards that come along with hauling materials, you must now add another set of safety skills to your routine. Before you start your next night route, here’s a reminder of three ways to drive safely through the night. Rest well before driving While driving at night, it can feel quite tempting to close your eyes. If you’re new to night driving, this temptation can be even greater. Plan your rest time with limited distractions and make sure that your body feels rested. A rested driver is a safe driver. Clean your windshield The dust, squashed insects, and all of the other particles on your windshield can quickly build up and create a [...]

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4 ways to safely drive in high winds

Speed and control are important factors for truckers. When you add in weather conditions like high winds, carrying cargo can become even more challenging. Since trucks are taller than most vehicles, they are at risk of being caught in the wind. Picture a sail swaying back and forth. Losing control is not only dangerous for a trucker but also for the other vehicles on the road. However, if you’re safely able to continue while driving in windy conditions, here are four helpful tips: Slow down early Don’t wait until the last minute to slow down — or maintain a safe distance from other cars. Instead, gain a better understanding of wind speeds by looking at road signs. Monitor and control your speed as a proactive way of staying safe. Be mindful of your light-weight trailer Less weight is more dangerous on a windy day. If the trailer is light-weight, [...]

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Trucking in times of COVID-19

Truckers are essential to the survival of the country. Without them, the supply of necessary products would be cut off from those who need them. This has been proven to be true time and time again since the pandemic started spreading around the world. But being essential does not necessarily mean you will be safe, and, while oversize load trucking is mostly a solo endeavor that doesn't require too much human contact, there will be times in which drivers will be wide open to the possibility of catching the coronavirus. So, how can a truck driver stay safe from getting sick? Well, it's definitely going to take some planning ahead and a few simple changes. Let's take a look: Follow the recommended guidelines – yes, wearing a face mask, washing your hands for 20 seconds, social distancing, not touching your face, and using hand sanitizer, work, and they work [...]

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3 Tips for Shipping Oversized Loads

To ensure that your transport is a success, it's essential to keep a few key considerations in mind when you're shipping oversized loads. Aside from consulting with Reliable Permit Solutions about the permit(s), you'll need to transport your cargo within a state or through multiple states, you'll want to address the following tips. Have the Right Equipment for the Job To safely and efficiently transport an oversized load, you need to choose the right trailer and equipment for the job. Drop deck trailer? Extended drop deck trailer? Lowboy trailer? It's important to use a trailer that's most ideal for the material to be shipped. Each type has its own pros and cons, but by outlining your shipping needs, you can choose the ideal solution for the run. Map out the Route Take time to map out the route for shipping your oversized load ahead of time. Drivers can't simply [...]

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Reliable Permit Solutions Offers Florida Trip and Fuel Permits

Reliable Permit Solutions Offers Florida Trip and Fuel Permits If you're a transportation company based somewhere other than Florida and your trucks don't have current IFTA credentials, you need to obtain Florida trip and fuel permits for those vehicles before they enter the state. Florida is the second most popular trucking state in the United States. That's why we're excited to announce that we are now one of just four companies able to issue these permits. About Florida trip and fuel permits Florida trip and fuel permits are available through authorized permit service companies, including Reliable Permit Solutions. Purchasing these permits is easy. They are available electronically online or via phone. Both permits need to stay with the vehicle while it is in the State of Florida. To purchase these permits you'll need your company contact information, the vehicle's license and VIN number, the make and model of the truck, [...]

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Top 5 Most Popular Trucking States in the US

Whether you’re in for the long haul or just crossing a state or two, there are a variety of trucking routes to choose from. Ever wonder how popular the state you frequent is? Lucky for you, there are notable states that take the stage as the most popular among truck drivers and routes.  The first state that has a high volume of trucking along its routes is California. With such a large state, there are so many options for truck drivers making their way through California, its most popular routes ending up in Los Angeles or San Francisco, sometimes even going to and from the cities.  The next most popular state is Florida. The east coast has more routes than the west coast, so it’s no surprise Florida is very popular with several routes and stops within the state. Florida is also usually more accessible than other states for truckers [...]

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4 Things You Should Know About Safely Hauling Oversized Loads

Before you hop in your truck to begin transporting an oversized load, consider the following tips if you are new to or inexperienced with hauling oversized cargo: Strict Laws Govern the Transport of Oversized Loads If you carry a load that is wider than eight feet, five inches, the Department of Transportation considers that an oversized load. Weight and height limitations also exist that vary from state to state. You must obtain a permit to transport loads exceeding specific limitations legally. Getting caught transporting oversized loads without a permit may result in hefty fines and other penalties. Take Time to Plan Your Route Routes you have used in the past may not be applicable for oversized loads. Check ahead to see if the route you want to use accommodates oversized loads or if routes allow such loads. Construction is also another factor when planning a route. Drive Defensively and Watch [...]

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The Best Mobile Apps for Truckers

Life on the road can be mentally and physically exhausting. But in recent years, many mobile apps have arrived that are helping make the life of the OTR trucker just a little bit easier. Incorporating tech into your daily responsibilities on the road can have many positive benefits. It's true, and you can't use an app or your phone to drive those long stretches of road in the late hours of the night for you. But there's a wide range of apps that can save you money, provide more accurate GPS navigation, and help you keep in contact with family and friends. Here are three of the best mobile apps for truckers to use in 2020.  CoPilot Truck Navigation This mobile app provides accurate navigation for commercial trucks, offering route planning tools, and mileage calculation. The GPS feature is voice-activated but designed not to be distracting, allowing you to concentrate [...]

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How to Make the Most of Trucking Pros and Cons

There's a lot of freedom on the road, but pro trucking has its ups and downs like any other job. Along with the ability to be your own boss comes the added responsibility of carrying loads worth thousands of dollars to their destination. Managing your time and having the right mindset is key, especially if you are new to freight and trucking.  Time Management Is More of a Challenge than You Think  Even if you're the most organized person you know, adjusting to life behind the wheel requires changes. If you're finding yourself always behind or rushing to deliver loads, start documenting where you're spending your time — especially where you are losing it. Time wells for neophyte drivers include getting lost, going to the wrong side of the store when dropping off a load, parking in hard to get out of areas where you have to turn, and multiple [...]

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How to Increase your Chances of Getting High-Paying Freight Loads

As a trucker, your livelihood depends on the loads you deliver. Whether you’re the owner-operator of your very own single-truck business or the proprietor of a fleet of trucks, you’re always looking for the loads that will pay very handsomely. This is easier said than done. In fact, many trucking companies struggle (and some eventually go out of business) because they can’t always find high-paying freight loads. It doesn’t have to be this way. While most people think that finding these big-payoff loads is just a matter of luck or chance, there are actually measures you can take to increase your likelihood of scoring these loads. Your Reliable Permit Solutions team would like to give you a few suggestions about where to find them: Try to look for organizations in the industry you’re interested in delivering for – Industry Associations and Organizations are essentially networks. if you find an organization [...]

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