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Getting a DOT Physical

If you’re new to truck driving, you might be surprised how difficult it can be to stay fit. Regardless, in most cases new drivers have to pass a DOT physical in order to begin truck driving school. All truckers are also required to pass a DOT physical exam before beginning any truck driving job and every two years. A DOT physical will determine if you are physically able to perform your duties while out on the road. From Reliable Permit Solutions, here is some information about DOT physicals and how to pass them.

Prior Health Information

The purpose of the DOT physical is to ensure the health and well-being of the CDL holder as well as the other drivers he or she will share the road with. Your DOT physical will begin by reviewing your personal information and medical history. You should state whether you have any conditions such as epilepsy, heart disease, kidney disease, digestive problems, chronic pain, psychiatric disorders, and more (the clinic you receive your physical from will have a full list). It is important to list your conditions truthfully, for if you lie, you could face serious legal trouble.

Commercial drivers with some health problems sometimes have restrictions. For example, if you take injectable insulin for diabetes, you cannot be issued a commercial driver’s license. You must have correctible 20/40 vision in both eyes (which can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses). Reporting a current hernia can halt the receiving of a CDL, as well as any recent major surgeries or sleep apnea.

The Physical

An accredited medical practitioner, whether a doctor, a physician, or a nurse practitioner, will perform your examination. They’ll ask if you take any medications, and perform the following tests:

  • Examine eyes, ears, throat, and mouth
  • Check for hernias
  • Listen to your heart beat and lungs
  • Check whether the spine has any deformities
  • Check whether the abdomen has any abnormalities
  • Perform a vision test
  • Perform a hearing test (if hearing is poor, you may need a headphone test and can use hearing aids)
  • Check your blood pressure and pulse

If you pass, the doctor will give you a certificate that certifies your good health and will last for two years. In some cases, if health is below standards, the medical examiner can issue a year or six-month certificate or may not be able to give one at all. With good health, you’ll be able to train and get on the road in no time! For fast commercial trucking permits, you can rely on Reliable Permit Solutions to help you score the trucking jobs you need. Contact us today at (888) 949-4220!

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