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How to Make the Most of Trucking Pros and Cons

There’s a lot of freedom on the road, but pro trucking has its ups and downs like any other job. Along with the ability to be your own boss comes the added responsibility of carrying loads worth thousands of dollars to their destination. Managing your time and having the right mindset is key, especially if you are new to freight and trucking.

Time Management Is More of a Challenge than You Think

Even if you’re the most organized person you know, adjusting to life behind the wheel requires changes. If you’re finding yourself always behind or rushing to deliver loads, start documenting where you’re spending your time — especially where you are losing it. Time wells for neophyte drivers include getting lost, going to the wrong side of the store when dropping off a load, parking in hard to get out of areas where you have to turn, and multiple PTA’s throughout the day. After you start documenting them, you realize all these little mistakes that are costing you so a lot of time. It’s a great incentive for improvement. 

Have the Proper Mindset

Having the proper mindset can help you avoid repeating mistakes without becoming frustrated. Trip planning is essential. It’s one of the least fun things to do but the most important. For example, you can use Google Maps to look at each store’s dock and plan how you will get in and out efficiently. Once you start paying attention, you’ll notice lots of ways to shave off time without compromising safety or quality of service.

Remember that GPS is Far from Foolproof

Pre-check your GPS route, but remember that when it comes to finding the dock and getting in and out of parking areas safely, experience is your best friend. Also, leave some time beyond the GPS estimate in case you run into problems with the route due to mapping inaccuracies. 

Have A Clear Plan 

Surprises are for birthday parties and Christmas. Have a clear plan and stick to it when you’re behind the wheel. If you’re running a new route, remember to look at the street level GPS views. Even old pictures can give you a better idea, than blindly driving into new areas that have road features such as curves and hills you’re not used too.

Use the Right Permit Specialists 

With 20 years of experience, Reliable Permit Solutions has permit specialists that can provide you with the documentation needed for state and utility approvals and route surveys.

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