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  • So, You Want to Be a Commercial Trucker - 3 Things You Should Know Before Getting Behind the Wheel

So, You Want to Be a Commercial Trucker – 3 Things You Should Know Before Getting Behind the Wheel

The life of a commercial trucker offers terrific benefits and opportunities, but it’s important for potential drivers to do their homework and decide if this industry is truly the right career choice. For any of you budding long haulers, here’s what we recommend you take into consideration before hopping aboard your first big rig.

Not All Trucking Companies Are Created Equal

Trucking companies often offer training programs and incentives as part of their recruitment and/or hiring process. Keep in mind that each driver training school offers their own curriculum with different career possibilities. It’s important to research your options and talk to other drivers who have experience in both the general industry as well as within specific companies of interest. It would also wise to find out if potential companies offer a variety of positions and options, in case you realize you need to make adjustments in the future.

Have “The Talk” with Your Family and Friends

Being a trucker means long hours and extensive amounts of time spent away from your family, friends, and significant other. A life on the road is not for the faint of heart and we recommend you have a conversation about the challenges of your potential career choice. For a happy, healthy, and successful career as a commercial driver, you and your loved ones will need to realize the importance of being flexible and understanding.

Your First Year Will be Your Hardest

As with any big changes in life, your first year on the road will present you with many challenges. When things get hard, take a deep breath and take advantage of your support group. They’re there for a reason. Becoming a truck driver is a lifestyle adjustment, but remember all the reasons you chose this path and it will get easier as time passes.Are you ready to make the leap? As you start your journey, you can count on Reliable Permit Solutions for all your trucking permits needs! Our team of experts can ensure great quotes in a timely manner, making permits one less thing you need to stress out about.


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