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The Best Mobile Apps for Truckers

Life on the road can be mentally and physically exhausting. But in recent years, many mobile apps have arrived that are helping make the life of the OTR trucker just a little bit easier. Incorporating tech into your daily responsibilities on the road can have many positive benefits. It’s true, and you can’t use an app or your phone to drive those long stretches of road in the late hours of the night for you. But there’s a wide range of apps that can save you money, provide more accurate GPS navigation, and help you keep in contact with family and friends. Here are three of the best mobile apps for truckers to use in 2023.

CoPilot Truck Navigation

This mobile app provides accurate navigation for commercial trucks, offering route planning tools, and mileage calculation. The GPS feature is voice-activated but designed not to be distracting, allowing you to concentrate on driving. CoPilot also helps you to avoid potential traffic delays by providing you with real-time information. Drivers, fleets, and integrators can find solutions that will maximize revenue and provide you with overall reduced fuel and operating costs. The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android. A 14-day free voice-trial is available, and individual licenses start at $14.99 a year.


It’s part of the job to be on the road a lot, and this time can feel incredibly lonely. Skype used to be the go-to app for staying in touch. But WhatsApp is a more reliable, affordable way to connect with your family and friends. The live video is better quality, the audio is more clear, and you can send both text, voice, and video messages. You can also share photos, documents, and your location. The app works internationally, and audio and video calls are free between anyone who has the app downloaded on their phone.


Drivewyze is a weigh station bypass app. Truckers are able to bypass weight scales up to 98% of the time on short-haul or interstate routes. The app alerts you when you are 2 miles away from over 1200 weigh stations throughout the U.S. If your safety record, weight, and credentials are verified and comply with state screening rules, the vehicles are authorized to bypass. Drivewyze can help you save time and fuel, and eliminates congestion at bypass stations. You can even pass 36 Florida Agriculture inspection sites. A free 30-day trial is available

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