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Top 5 Most Popular Trucking States in the US

Whether you’re in for the long haul or just crossing a state or two, there are a variety of trucking routes to choose from. Ever wonder how popular the state you frequent is? Lucky for you, there are notable states that take the stage as the most popular among truck drivers and routes

The first state that has a high volume of trucking along its routes is California. With such a large state, there are so many options for truck drivers making their way through California, its most popular routes ending up in Los Angeles or San Francisco, sometimes even going to and from the cities. 

The next most popular state is Florida. The east coast has more routes than the west coast, so it’s no surprise Florida is very popular with several routes and stops within the state. Florida is also usually more accessible than other states for truckers to travel through and allow them to be on time to their stops.

And finally, New York stands as one of the big three of the most popular states. While the state itself doesn’t have heavy visitation from truckers, New York City is a notable drop off location for truckers. It’s most common for truckers to drive from Florida to or through the city itself. Not only is the state on the east coast, but it’s a hot spot for economic growth for the country that trucking plays a significant role in.

To ensure safe and efficient traveling within these states, make sure you have reliable trucking permits. From fuel permits to oversize permits, Reliable Permit Solutions has everything you need for a trip through one of the most popular trucking states. So make sure you can enjoy any state you travel through knowing you have the right permits.

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