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4 Tips For Trucking Safely

The trucker lifestyle is a unique one, taking truckers all over the country, sometimes from one side to the other in very short periods. Like industrial jobs, it involves powerful heavy equipment that comes with certain risks. One of our responsibilities at Reliable Permit Solutions is helping to reduce those risks, and we do that by more than just getting permits handled quickly and efficiently. We are very interested in the safety of all the truck drivers out there, and to help new ones prepare for the road we’ve assembled a few helpful tips for staying safe.

1. Invest in sunglasses

Glare can be a major hazard on the road, and it doesn’t just happen in the summer. It can cause trouble for any driver, but much more so for someone behind the wheel of a big rig. Get yourself a good pair of sunglasses that can handle the glare and protect your peripheral vision, and use them often.

2. Maintain 3 points of contact

Any time you are exiting, entering or operating your vehicle or its trailer, keep 3 points of contact with it, meaning having at least one foot and both hands, or both feet and one hand touching it. This helps you stay in control, and prevents things like accidental falls, which can be much worse from a truck than any smaller vehicle.

3. Use your resources

Considering how far a truck travels, it’s often too much to expect good road conditions along an entire trip. Somewhere along the way there is bound to be some inclement weather or traffic problem. Fortunately, modern technology is getting better and better at tracking and predicting such conditions. Before you leave and as you go, check weather and accident reports to help you stay safe and arrive in a timely manner.

4. Survey delivery locations on foot

Particularly helpful when delivering to new customers, park nearby and have a look at the delivery area before pulling in to be sure not only that there is enough space for your truck and cargo, but that you can easily maneuver out once it’s delivered. You don’t want to get your truck trapped at a delivery site. The trucker lifestyle comes with its own kind of excitement and adventure, but you don’t have to include danger, and these tips will help. For any permits you need for overweight loads, temporary fuel permits, and more, contact Reliable Permit Solutions today. We’re happy to keep you on the road!

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