Obtaining Positive Qualities as a Trucker

At Reliable Permit Solutions, we know how important it is to deliver right on schedule, perhaps even early. Setting your standards high for yourself can present you with many opportunities from your dispatcher as well as the from the customers you serve. Whether you know it or not, if you’re a trucker, you’re in competition with every other trucker on the road, even those from your own fleet. Why? Because being reliable, agreeable, and patient is a hot commodity, and every trucker should learn to have these qualities. Complaining and Griping Something you might come across if you’re new to trucking (or something you might experience yourself, if you let it) is complaints about dispatchers and certain routes, complaints about schedules and difficult customers, complaints about certain jobs… The list goes on and on. Just like any job, people will find something to complain about. But trucking can be one [...]

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Trucking Industry

Trucking is an industry with a with a surprising amount of mystery surrounding it. What’s it like being on the road for such long periods? What is a trucker’s free time like? How demanding is the driving? There’s a lot that the general public doesn’t about the trucking world, and given how much the team at Reliable Permit Solutions helps enable the industry we thougth we would shed some light on some of the mystery. Trucking Can Be Health Challenging You might not expect it from a career based solely on driving, but trucking can be very challenging to one’s health. Alongside the natural risk of vehicle accidents, truckers often have a difficult time getting to the doctor at regular intervals. These and other factors make actually make trucking among the most dangerous jobs in the country. It’s A Populous Industry While it’s easy to look at an office full [...]

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Getting a DOT Physical

If you’re new to truck driving, you might be surprised how difficult it can be to stay fit. Regardless, in most cases new drivers have to pass a DOT physical in order to begin truck driving school. All truckers are also required to pass a DOT physical exam before beginning any truck driving job and every two years. A DOT physical will determine if you are physically able to perform your duties while out on the road. From Reliable Permit Solutions, here is some information about DOT physicals and how to pass them. Prior Health Information The purpose of the DOT physical is to ensure the health and well-being of the CDL holder as well as the other drivers he or she will share the road with. Your DOT physical will begin by reviewing your personal information and medical history. You should state whether you have any conditions such as [...]

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4 Tips For Trucking Safely

The trucker lifestyle is a unique one, taking truckers all over the country, sometimes from one side to the other in very short periods. Like industrial jobs, it involves powerful heavy equipment that comes with certain risks. One of our responsibilities at Reliable Permit Solutions is helping to reduce those risks, and we do that by more than just getting permits handled quickly and efficiently. We are very interested in the safety of all the truck drivers out there, and to help new ones prepare for the road we’ve assembled a few helpful tips for staying safe. Invest in sunglasses Glare can be a major hazard on the road, and it doesn’t just happen in the summer. It can cause trouble for any driver, but much more so for someone behind the wheel of a big rig. Get yourself a good pair of sunglasses that can handle the glare and [...]

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3 Ways To Stay Healthy On The Road

Making long hauls across states, and across the country can be incredibly taxing on your body. We at Reliable Permit Solutions understand the toll that can take, and want to see the many hard-working truckers out there succeed. So we’ve put together this short list of tips for staying healthy on those long journeys. Stay Hydrated One of the single most important things you can do in your day-to-day in any profession is staying well hydrated. Because you spend so much time on the road, and not in easy reach of a water fountain, we recommend keeping plenty of bottled water around so that you can hydrate as you go. Create an Exercise Routine You also probably won’t get much opportunity to hit the gym before or after work like most people. To compensate, take opportunities during your stops and breaks not only to stretch, but to work out a [...]

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The Scoop On Permits

The trucking industry is carefully regulated, requiring both its vehicles and its drivers to meet exacting standards. The many regulations and accompanying permits and fees can become quite costly, and even more so if handled incorrectly. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind so that you’re always on the right side of regulations, from us here at Reliable Permit Solutions. When Are Permits Necessary? If you’re in the trucking industry, you can count on needing permits for something at some point, but the specifics can be tricky. Here are the most important situations to consider: International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Applies to all vehicles with: Two (2) axles weighing over 26,000 pounds or Vehicles with three (3) or more axles regardless of weight, traveling in two or more states. Note: When traveling to a state in which a vehicle does not hold an IFTA decal and license, a temporary fuel permit is [...]

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3 Tips for Starting a Career in Trucking

So you heard that truck driving can be a lucrative career and are wanting to take the dive? Well, you heard right. However, starting a new career is a big step, particularly with industry as demanding as truck driving, so before you get too deep, here are a few tips on getting started and making the most of your new career. The first consideration as you begin charting your new course is to decide what sort of trucking you’d like to go into. Before you can do anything, you’ll need to get a commercial drivers license (CDL). Once you have a CDL, a large range of options become available; flatbed and dry van trucking are some of the big ones, but it also covers bus driving and vocational truck driving, like garbage trucks or cement mixers. In addition to the CDL you can seek out and apply for endorsements that [...]

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Welcome to the Reliable Permit Solutions Blog

At Reliable Permit Solutions, we can help you get your trucking permits fast. We specialize in Overweight/Oversize permits, trip permits, fuel permits, and super loads. In addition, we offer route consulting, pilot cars, and rate quotes. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in being the most knowledgeable and courteous permit agents in the industry, and we offer personalized service tailored to every customer. If you need our services, feel free to call us today at 888-949-4220 or visit us online at ReliablePermitSolutions.com. Here at our blog, we’ll keep you updated with what’s going on at our company and in the world of trucking and the open road. Be sure to check back often for the latest news.

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Four Facts About the OTR Trucker Lifestyle

So, you’ve chosen to become a trucker and are excited at the prospect of hauling freight across the country. Excellent! You’ll certainly see many different places and people along your travels. The trucker lifestyle is certainly different from regular life, and for some, adapting to it can be the most difficult part of the job. What are some aspects of an OTR (over-the-road) trucker’s lifestyle and how can you acclimatize yourself to its demands? From Reliable Permit Solutions, here are a few facts that can help you adjust to your nomadic job. Learning to live in your truck As a truck driver, you’re going to be driving long hours, and its important to take breaks every once in a while to help you keep going. Living out of your truck means getting used to a very enclosed space, but it also means you’ll have everything you’ll need at arm’s length. [...]

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Tackling the Challenges of Trucking Oversized Shipments

From tractors and industrial equipment to trailer homes and steel beams, oversized trucks are engineered to transport the heaviest of loads across the country. Reliable Permit Solutions specializes in temporary permits for oversize and overweight loads. What are some of the unique challenges you’ll face compared to driving any other truck and how do you navigate the roads while transporting these enormous shipments? Here are some rules to follow to help get you and your shipment to your destination safely. Definition of Oversized/Overweight Loads You may need a temporary permit if your truck and its load: Exceeds 13’6” in heightExceeds 8’6” in widthExceeds 48’ in trailer lengthExceeds 80,000 lbs in overall weight Travel Escorts In some cases where the width of your shipment exceeds 12’, pilot vehicles or ‘escorts’ are required. The job of these escorts is to alert the shipment driver of special circumstances such as traffic, construction zones, [...]

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