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Essential items for OTR Truckers to bring

Being on the road can be a bit stressful if you’re not prepared. For OTR Truckers, having the essential items with you can spell the difference between being able to deliver the loads on time or having road emergencies that cause missed deadlines. In order to keep you rolling (and trucking), your Reliable Permit Solutions, LLC team has compiled a list of items that you always need to have on hand:

  • A Flashlight, Tool Kit, and specialized tools such as a tire gauge, multi-cutters, and fifth wheel pullers.
  • Extra Food and Water in case of unexpected delays.
  • Universal Lubricant, Duct Tape, and Electrical Tape.
  • Some basic Replacement Parts like extra headlights; fuses and fuel filters.
  • Extra clothing, Work Gloves, a Reflective Safety Vest, and an extra pair of Work Boots.
  • Glass Cleaner, Hand Cleaner, Soap, Disposable Wipes and Towelettes.
  • Maps or a Road Atlas (for when the GPS doesn’t work).
  • A First Aid Kit.    

Now that you have the essentials, you need to think about having the necessary permits for your trip. Reliable Permit Solutions, LLC can help you secure Overweight/Oversize Permits, Temporary Trip and Fuel Permits, or Superload Permits. We also offer Route Consulting and Pilot Car Services. Give us a call at (888) 949-4220 to find out more about our services.  

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