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  • How to Select the Right Trailer for Heavy Haul Trucking

How to Select the Right Trailer for Heavy Haul Trucking

Truckers are called upon to transport cargo all over the US. More often than not, they are tasked to deliver incredibly heavy and incredibly huge loads; items that you would never think could be delivered by truck: huge construction pylons, bridge beams, generators, industrial equipment, prefab housing, construction vehicles and huge pieces of construction elements. Transporting these items requires the use of specialized cargo trailers with features that will make your trip a lot easier. But which type of cargo trailer should you use? Your team from Reliable Permit Solutions is here to give you an overview of the five basic trailer types, as well as some information about the kinds of loads they are best suited for. Let’s begin, shall we?


Flatbed trailer – The Flatbed is one of the more common trailers around. Essentially just an open platform with wheels: no walls, no roof, just a flat loading area. It is ideal for huge items and equipment that won’t fit the dimensions of a standard “closed-type” cargo trailer.


Gooseneck trailer – The Gooseneck is basically a trailer that connects to the truck using an adjustable bar or arm attached to the trailer bed. The gooseneck bar/arm may or may not be enclosed, and may be removable, fixed, hydraulic, or mechanical. It features increased stability and lessens truck sway, as its bar raises the weight of the trailer over the truck’s rear axle instead of its frame’s back.


Drop Deck trailer – Similar in appearance to the Gooseneck trailer, but has a deck which “drops down” to a level lower than the truck. The gooseneck bar is replaced by the raised part of the deck, which is used to couple with the hauler. The lower deck provides a lower center of gravity for heavy loads. It’s actually ideal for taller loads as well.


Lowboy trailer – The Lowboy shares the “dropped deck” characteristic, but it features two drops: one after the “gooseneck”, and one before the wheels. This makes its load deck very low indeed, and the trailer is suitable for legal loads of up to 12 feet in height.


Extendable Drop Deck trailer – These trailers are your drop deck variety, but they have a deck that can extend in length for super-long loads that need the entire trailer’s body for support.Choosing the right trailer for the right load is essential for trucking success. But now that you know which trailer will fit your requirements, the next step is acquiring the necessary temporary permits, state approvals, utility approvals, route surveys, and documentation for your superloads; as well as your overweight and oversized loads. Reliable Permit Solutions can help you with all of the paperwork so that you can reach your destination on time. We can also help you with securing pilot car services ,trip and fuel permitting, and route consulting services. Call us up at (888) 949-4220 for inquiries and for more information.  


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