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Navigating the Complexities of Trucking Permits

In the trucking industry, one of the hardest things to understand and navigate is the rules and regulations on the road, as well as trucking permits. Aside from ensuring that drivers meet the standards for driving at long distances and carrying various loads, you would also need to ensure they have the proper permits for their travels.

One thing you might understand regarding permits is that they are costly and could cost you even more if done incorrectly. Here is a simple guide to help you navigate the complexities of acquiring and understanding these permits.

Why Do You Need These Permits? 

You cannot successfully run your trucking business without the necessary permits. These permits ensure that you are following the rules and regulations so you can legally ship or transport items without getting in trouble with the law, no matter your destination. You cannot legally drive a transportation truck without one of these permits.

The need for permits is to ensure that your items or commodities are monitored and under control. It also helps keep your drivers safe on the roads. By ensuring that these licenses and permits are secured, you and your drivers will be safe, and your business can run smoothly.

Different Types of Permits

To further understand the nature of these permits, you need to learn the different types you can acquire. Permits differ from each other depending on reason, size, and even location. Here are the types of permits you need to be mainly aware of:

1. Single trip for oversized or overweight permits

One of the most common types of permits would be for single-trip oversized or overweight trucking permits. This is required when your trucks exceed the requirements of dimensions and load of the state you are traveling to. To ensure that you get to enter the state, check their requirements, as it may differ from one location to another.

2. Single-trip city and county permits

The main difference between this permit and the one before is the road. This permit is needed when you are traveling on local or county roads and even city streets. To know if certain counties or local cities need this permit, you can ask a permit company like Reliable Permit Solutions, LLC., if you need to apply for a permit to these destinations.

3. Fuel Permits

There is also what people like to call the trip and fuel permit. It is known as the International Registration Plan (IRP) Permit and is needed by trucking companies who travel to states where it is not registered. This permit is also required if you do not have the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) in the location you are headed.

4. Superload Permits

Another permit that you should take note of is the superload permit. You will need this permit if and when your weight and dimensions exceed the limitations by the standard issued permit in the jurisdiction you are going to.

Need A Permit?

Running a trucking business can already be complex enough; having to acquire permits would just add to the load. Reliable Permit Solutions, LLC., is the one you can trust to help you obtain these permits. Call us today for more information on how you can get the permits you need.

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