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  • OTR Trucker Driving Safety Tips

OTR Trucker Driving Safety Tips

As on Over the Road (OTR) Trucker; your livelihood, and even your very life; depends on your driving ability and skill. However, there may be times when you are tempted to leave caution at the door and engage in some risky driving; or times when your concentration may not be a hundred percent. This driving behavior puts you and other people at risk; so your Reliable Permit Solutions team would like to remind you to keep driving safely by offering the following tips:

  • Keep your Lane Changes minimal; and change lanes with caution.
  • Try to be extra-cautious when driving at night: be alert, aware, and move cautiously   and slowly.
  • Try to avoid areas with high-volume traffic and avoid traveling during peak traffic times.
  • Check weather reports and driving conditions often to be prepared for sudden changes in road situations.
  • Use a GPS that has been customized for Truckers, but use other sources of information such as maps.
  • Take breaks often, get enough sleep, and check your truck regularly.  

Safe Driving is the key to getting your loads delivered safely and on time. Follow road signs and observe presence of mind while on the road.

Reliable Permit Solutions can help you with the process of acquiring permits for Overweight/Oversize Loads,  IRP and IFTA Permits, and Superloads.  We also assist with Route Consulting to help you get your permits faster, and can call upon our extensive database of Pilot Car companies to help escort you and your load. Give us a call at (888) 949-4220 for all of your permit questions and for more information.

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