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Different Types of Transportation Permits

If you run a logistics business, you already know that applying for a trucking permit is one of the first steps you must take when preparing to travel. But if you’re new to this industry, you might need clarification on what exact trip permit you need. Here, we talk about four different types of trucking permits that serve different purposes for trucks and fleets:

1. Single trip oversize/overweight permits

You will need to apply for a single trip oversize or overweight trucking permit if your truck exceeds the required overall dimensions of a load as stipulated by the state where you’re traveling to. For instance, a single trip trucking permit if your overall height exceeds 13’6″, your overall weight exceeds 80,000 lbs., your overall length exceeds 65′, and your overall width exceeds 8’6″. To ensure that you are eligible for this type of trip permit, it’s best to check the requirements of the state you’re visiting since these numbers may vary depending on location.

2. Single trip oversize/overweight city and county permits

This may sound similar to the first trucking permit, but it’s different since you’ll need a single trip oversize or overweight city and county permit if you’re traveling on local roads like county routes and city streets or if you’re starting or ending your trip in a local jurisdiction. Although not a lot of counties minded the need for these types of trip permits before, things are different now as local authorities are more knowledgeable of these requirements. Before traveling, ask a permit company if you need to apply for this type of permit based on your destination or not.

3. Superload permits

Some truckers make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need a superload permit because they already have a single-trip oversize or overweight trucking permit. But suppose your load’s weight and dimensions exceed the limitations stipulated by the standard issued permit in a jurisdiction. In that case, it’s automatically tagged as a superload, so you’ll need to apply for a different trip permit. Weight and dimension requirements vary per state, so it’s best to work with a permit company to make applying for a superload permit easier for you.

4. Trip and fuel permits

Finally, there’s the trip and fuel permit. Also known as the International Registration Plan (IRP) permit, a trip and fuel trucking permit is issued for commercial vehicles that need to travel to a state or states where it’s not registered. You also need to apply for this type of permit if you don’t have valid International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) credentials in the state where you’re headed. The IFTA covers both the USA and Canada, and it requires all types of commercial vehicles to pay taxes based on the distance they traveled in each province or state. You will also be required to apply for a trip and fuel permit if your power unit has three or more axles or if you have two axles, but your gross weight is over 26,000 lbs.

If you still have questions regarding transportation permits, want to learn more, or need help from a professional permit company, contact Reliable Permit Solutions, LLC., and get a rate quote!

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