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How to Increase your Chances of Getting High-Paying Freight Loads

As a trucker, your livelihood depends on the loads you deliver. Whether you’re the owner-operator of your very own single-truck business or the proprietor of a fleet of trucks, you’re always looking for the loads that will pay very handsomely. This is easier said than done. In fact, many trucking companies struggle (and some eventually go out of business) because they can’t always find high-paying freight loads.

It doesn’t have to be this way. While most people think that finding these big-payoff loads is just a matter of luck or chance, there are actually measures you can take to increase your likelihood of scoring these loads. Your Reliable Permit Solutions team would like to give you a few suggestions about where to find them:

Try to look for organizations in the industry you’re interested in delivering for – Industry Associations and Organizations are essentially networks. if you find an organization whose members are made up of your ideal clients, see if you can join them. This is one way of growing your customer or client base. Look for retail store chain clients. Look for an association of retail store chain owners.

Try the Government – If you can, try to bag government contracts. The government is a great client that offers high-paying loads and pays reliably. Government agencies like the Postal Service and the Military are some examples of possible clients.

Minimize the use of Load Boards – Load Boards are free or paid service providers who match shippers and freight brokers to carriers so that they can meet to possibly arrange a freight job. They allow you to search for loads in much the same way as a search engine does by using different criteria and filters. While they seem like a good idea, load boards are actually places where there is a lot of competition, and where profit margins are quite slim. In short, they provide mostly low-paying loads.

Looking for loads that pay well is always going to be a challenge. But if you know where to look, it becomes a lot easier.

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